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Almost A New Year

Keep Hope and a Dog

A new year brings hope to my heart. In 2023, I hope I can write regularly in this blog again. Write like I once could. I loved it! I miss writing. I miss the blogging community. I hope!

Bella is my current dog. She’s beautiful and mighty powerful. All 14 pounds of her! She turned five years old this year. I hope we enjoy many more years together!

My son is approaching 40. Wow! He’s a good person. I’m blessed. I hope to grow older and older, with better health, and have many more years with my son!

Good thing I had a child when I was relatively young or I’d be pretty old. I can say that now, I hope, with genuine respect for aging, since I’m in on that, and without offense to anyone who considers herself old, because I’m not so young myself anymore.

My late friend, Sonny, used to say he felt like a nineteen-year-old trapped in an old man’s body.

I can relate to that a little, but I don’t feel nineteen. Or 40. Or even 50. I do however feel my own spirit, and that has always been the same. In this way, I can relate to my friend’s experience.

I hope to always feel my own spirit! I hope it keeps lighting my way!

I hope you, dear visitor, also have hope.

I hope the year 2023 is a year that I will live my life more. Life is for living, a wise man told me. I believe it is true!

I hope 2023 brings more healing to us humans and softens some our hearts.

Hope. It’s a good thing!

From Michelle, your blogger at DOGKISSES!

PS: I do not benefit in any way from ads you see in this blog.

PostAWeek in 2011


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I like a challenge and I’ve decided to take part in PostAWeek in 2011.

The most challenging part for me will most likely be what to post.  I have plenty to say, but I often scrutinize my ideas to the point of wearing them out or giving up on them.  The reluctance or reservations I have about posting are usually because I don’t think what I want to write about is positive or will offer something good (because it isn’t positive enough) –but this isn’t how I really feel.  It’s what I think.

I want to feel free in my blog.  I want to feel free to speak my truth, whatever it is.  Of course I want what I write to have some resemblance of a, “silver lining in the cloud,” but in my heart I feel like it’s okay if it doesn’t.

There were plenty of days in 2010 when I wanted to write but didn’t because what I’ve gone through and how I’ve felt has been difficult.  I don’t want to let down the people who visit my blog wishing I felt better only to discover that I am sad or grieving.

I subscribed to The DailyPost and will do my best to participate in the community of other bloggers with similar goals to help me along the way, including asking for help when I need it and encouraging others when I can.

“If you already read my blog, I hope you’ll encourage me with comments and likes, and good will along the way.” (A Sample Post)

I look forward to this New Year!



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