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Dogs Make Good Neighbors

Four-legged Neighbors

Ruthie and Happy sure know how to be good neighbors.  They’re polite and respectful to one another.  They always greet each other with a bark or if there is time, several dogkisses!  They are good friends.

Happy has a busy schedule of walks, playing and sleeping, but she enthusiastically remembers Ruthie on her way home from her morning walks.  Ruthie is always happy to see her friend and neighbor, the dog, Happy!

Love walks on four leggs.

My thanks to a fellow blogger, Debbie, for sharing this moving and creative video with me and for showing me how to share it with you.



I am Free.
I once had four legs with webbed paws.
I swam in rivers, lakes, ponds and the ocean.
I plopped down in big ‘ol dirty mud puddles too.

I absolutely loved water!
I fetched sticks and balls
and anything my human friends threw for me.

I loved it on earth!
I had a great human mom
and a terrific big brother to play with me.

I went camping and traveled
all around the country
with my beloved human family.
We had lots of fun!

I loved them very much and they loved me too.
I once ran so fast into a stick that I had to have surgery.
I was very enthusiastic about fetching!

I swam in just about every river in the southeastern United States.
I camped in most of the national forests.

I went all the way to New Mexico and once lived on a horse farm in Texas.
I was named after a horse that my human mom’s friend knew.

I did lots of fun things during my life on earth.
I totally digged food and raw meat bones!
I ate all sorts of things that my human family thought I shouldn’t have.
I once ate an entire bag of Halloween candy!

Chocolate, caramel, suckers, chewing gum, even the paper.
I liked everything in the bag, except for the very hot red balls.
I tried each one but that was no fun.

I was a very good girl but I did steal toys from neighbors.
I was kind of spoiled.

As I got older I didn’t care much for other four-leggeds in my territory.
I did like one in particular.
I loved visiting her and running in her grass.
She lived on a farm at my human aunt’s house,
so I guess, we were first cousins.

I lived on earth almost 13 years.  That’s almost 90 human years.
I enjoyed my life and loved my family,
so I will tell of that and our wonderful years together.

I want my human family to remember our fun times.
I want them to be happy when they think of me.
I am Free.

In Memory of my Free Girl, who blessed this earth from 1993-2006.

A bright star and a drop of heaven

“My Buddy is a Dog”

A letter from a smart girl to a smart dog, with Love.

I received this letter today from a sweet and wonderful girl who has obviously fallen in love with my dog.  My dog’s name sounds like “Roofy,”  so I left the letter as it is, except for my input to correct my name, “Ms. Dogkisses.”

This was a long winter for me and my dogs.  I was injured from a bicycle accident and then a serious cut to two fingers.  There were many days when I could not walk them too far and some days not at all.  My young 4legged companion,  “Roofy,” really needed a friend to play with her.

With the dawn of Spring we met our new neighbor.

“Roofy,” runs as fast as she can and the girl holds on, running behind her laughing the entire time.  It’s hard not to smile seeing them run like they do.  It’s hard to stay down in the dumps in their presence, so I don’t.

“Roofy’s” new buddy is a bright star for us both.  One day when I was sad, she had a bowl of jelly beans her dad had dropped off a few minutes earlier.  They were amazing jelly beans.  One tasted exactly like buttered popcorn.

“I know how to make you laugh,” she said.

“How?” I asked, smiling some, trying not to cry.

“If you eat two different flavors at the same time, it will taste so bad that you will laugh.”

So I tried it.  I couldn’t see how this was supposed to make me laugh, but I figured why not and that maybe she knew something about laughter that I don’t.  She was certainly right about them tasting bad together.  The two I chose tasted like cheap whiskey.  I made an ugly face and she smiled.  She was waiting on me though before she laughed.

Her anticipation was clearly visible.  I had to smile,  not from the taste of whiskey, but at the abundance of life in her face.

Joy is easy for her to reach and the hope in her eyes that she could make me laugh was simply beautiful.   Several times since we met, I’ve felt the desire to at least allow a door for joy to enter.

I had mentioned in front of our young friend that one day I might move.  I  wish I hadn’t said it.  I was just thinking out loud, but she immediately responded saying she would miss us, well, she specifically said my dog.  I immediately regretted having said anything about moving, especially since I’m not planning on it anytime soon.

Children and young people think more about now than yesterday or tomorrow, kind of like dogs.  They really do know how to live.

That night she wrote this letter.  I read it while she visited me today.  She asked me to tell her my three favorite things about the letter.

I was completely moved.   I told her I loved the entire letter, which I do.  I told her I especially liked the first line, and then how she described her feelings so well.  I didn’t know she enjoyed writing.

I didn’t tell her that the last line made me a little sad because one day I might have to move.  But again, that is the future and the girl and the dog do not live in the future.  I was sorry to have mentioned it.  Honestly, if she said her family was moving, I’d be sad too.

Every day I look forward to the school bus now.  Every day that I am blessed with a visit with the girl, I feel happy.   I wish I’d had more children but I didn’t.  I wish I had a daughter and my son had a sister, but we don’t.

Life is amazing isn’t it?  With pain, sadness and grief, there are these bright moments that seem like they are no less than drops of heaven sent straight into our laps.  I guess that’s why we endure hard times, because we know there will be these precious moments that make us glad to be alive.

All those long winter nights when I cried, and cried some more, and then I silently prayed.  I prayed for help in this world — on this physical planet we call earth.  My heart had a hole in it so I’m glad it is being filled with joy and the love between a girl and a dog.

I love my dogs.  They give so much.  They are truly amazing animals so of course I want them to be happy.

They help me more than any medicine doctors have ever had available for depression.  They give me a reason to keep going when everything around me is falling down.  They love me when I’m sick or in pain.  They love me every single day, even on days I’m too sick to walk them.

In my darkest hours they are here for me and they know.  They know when I am in the darkness of grief.  The lower I fall the closer they move their furry bodies to mine.  Sometimes I think I’ll get smothered if I don’t get my butt up and live a little.

It was true.  The day the girl didn’t come, “Roofy” watched the window and every time she heard people outside she got excited, until she realized it was not her new friend.  She let out a little sigh each time.  I could tell she missed her friend that day.

Today they were both happy.  They climbed a steep hill together.  The girl is a bright star and the dog is a little drop of heaven.  They are quite a pair.

I have a new friend!

This is a picture of my Egyptian princess on a day she is happy with her new friend.

I call her an Egyptian beetle-hound princess because she has natural eyeliner and beauty marks that remind me of Cleopatra.  She also hunts and finds insects.   In photos, her eyes almost always have the green glow around them.  I guess this is “red eye” in a dog’s world.

A couple of days after this happy day the girl, “got on the A-B honor roll for the first time.”  She was proud of herself.  I wondered if her new friend has helped her as much as she has helped us.

An insect hunter with a tender heart

The pretty princess in the photo is an insect hunter.  Aside from hundreds of captured insects, she has caught a rat, a squirrel and discovered a snake under my bookshelf. The rat was gross, and dead.  I did not witness the slaying of the poor squirrel, but my mom’s landlord did and watched the entire scenario without coming to tell me what she was doing, which as I said, was killing a squirrel.  And yet she is the most sensitive and sweetest dog I’ve ever met!

Anyone will tell you so because it’s true.  She’s my, “tender-heart,” a fellow-doglover who once met her told me.  Her tenderness and sweet spirit shines, especially to people who can see these sorts of things.

She wanted to get that snake.   I was too scared and dialed 911, but that’s another story.

Insect hunting is by far her greatest skill.  She discovers every crawling creature that enters our home.  Sometimes at night we’ll be lying together in the dark watching television.  She’ll be curled up in her little ball with her head tucked in between her legs, sleeping like dogs sleep, and all of the sudden she’ll jump up.  I know she has suddenly become aware of a bug.

I don’t know if she hears bugs crawling or smells them, but she sure knows when they are about and I’m talking anything from the smallest spider to those huge long awful looking bugs that folks around here call water bugs.

I get up and follow her wherever she goes; into the kitchen or often near the fireplace.  I wait ’til she stops, which she does, and stares.  I turn on a light and try to kill it before she gets to it.

I kill spiders and bugs in my home.  I didn’t use to do this, but now that I live in the woods and have nearly died from Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever,  I figure from now on, it’s survival of the fittest.

The other skill my insect hunter has is judging people’s nature.

We both have a new friend now as a result of her ability to attract nice people.  Our friend is ten years old.  She is as sweet as my four-legged is!

They have fallen in love with each other.   Our new friend is not only really sweet but is also strong and tall.  She can definitely handle the leash when my tender princess takes off running and pulls as hard as she can.  Watching the smiles on both their faces as they run together is awesome!

Yesterday they played and I could tell it was hard for the little girl to leave.  She wanted to stay with us but I was sick and needed to go inside and rest.   She looked into my dog’s eyes, gently stroking her soft little face and head.  My dog’s eyes stared directly into the girl’s, and it sure looked like love to me.

The little girl noticed it.  Realizing she couldn’t stay with us, she sat down on my porch amongst the leaves and branches, which didn’t bother her at all.   “Does she say bye to everyone this way?” she asked me.

“No, she doesn’t,” I told her, which is true.  “She loves a few people more than anyone else,” I added.  “She loves my son, but she has taken to you for sure.”

“She’s the greatest dog in the world,” the girl said.  ” I love her.”

I had hugged our other dog as she was rubbing the silky fur my insect hunter is covered in.  She had watched me.  I sensed that she really wanted to hug her new 4legged love.   I wondered if she had ever hugged a dog and remembered my first time.

I was in Texas with my girl Free who blessed this earth from 1993 – 2006.  My good friend asked me if I talked to my dogs.  I realized I didn’t.  She asked if I ever gave them big hugs the same as I would a person.  I didn’t.  She taught me that day how to love more my canine companion.

I remembered how great it felt the first time I gave Free a big strong hug and began talking to her.  I hugged her pretty much every day after that.  Now, if I forget to hug my dogs, then something was wrong with the day.

Our new young friend stood there, a bit antsy it seemed, and realizing she had to leave she reached down and hugged her furry friend.   I could tell she loved it.  The only thing she seemed to be aware of was the experience of the love of a dog.

It was an awesome love to witness.

My dog has brought me a new friend.  We both love being with her.  They run and sometimes we talk.  I love our conversations.  You don’t have to pretend around children.  You can just enjoy the moment because that’s how they live.  In the moment.  A lot like dogs.

A Dog's Welcome Home