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Read “Virtual Green Healing” by Leslie Sigal Javorek @ IconDoIt, the blog!


Also, check out Leslie’s Art on Zazzle! You’ll see widgets in her blog displaying her designs and links to her stores.  Thank you Leslie!  You are a very dear friend!


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I’ll get to explaining the title of this post in a minute, but first, a little preamble is called for.

While I’ve been laying low in the background for a few months, I’ve been silently enjoying reading my favorite blogs (Dogkisses) and Green Healing Notes, along with a ton of books. If you’re a regular reader here at IconDoIt, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve mentioned Dogkisses several times and that the author of those two blogs is also a frequent commenter here. So what’s that all about, you might ask?

One of the greatest serendipities of writing a blog and commenting on blogs other than your own, is that you have the opportunity to come to know people from around the globe with whom you already have something in common (an interest in the subject…

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