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Painted Pretty in Nectar

Another Green Healing Day has passed leaving me with memories (and plenty of photos) of all kinds of different butterflies.  I have literally dreamed of colors and patterns, blending together and it’s almost as if I am those butterflies in my dreams. I can feel the colors and movement in the dreams. I like that 🙂

Painted Lady Butterfly, in the colorful garden.

‘Painted Lady’

I got some really great shots of the Winged Wildlife in the garden, but for some reason, I particularly like these two photos.  I hope I’ve identified this beauty correctly as the Painted Lady.  The wing patterns are complex and stunningly colorful.  I also happen to love the orange Mexican Sunflowers (Tithonia).  If you ever want to attract different species of butterflies, then I highly recommend planting this prolific and bright blooming annual.

Painted Lady

A Closer Look at the Painted Lady

My apologies for not posting/writing more often, as well as my lapse in communication.  I have a lot on my mind and so for now, I hope you enjoy the images I share.

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