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Winter Birds ~ Residents in Flight

Observing a Rhythm in Nature

Rufous-sided Towhee

I love it when the simple things in life bring me joy and our new bird feeder is doing just that!

My adult son is responsible for keeping the feeders clean and full.  The look on his face when he watches the many colorful birds eating the seeds is most delightful.

I think we both benefit from the birds and our cool squirrel-busting feeder in several ways.  Being still and observing the natural world has an immediate calming effect on my mind and body.

I’ve become familiar with the feathered Winter regulars in our wooded yard.  We have a full-time resident Robin and a gorgeous Red-bellied Woodpecker, both of which have terrific personalities and are challenging to photograph.

Interacting with nature is a fine way to pass time.

Sometimes, I am sure that without a spirit-renewing connection in nature, my personal survival would be threatened.  I wouldn’t be able to take all the pain or sadness. 

Like the resident Robin and the bright-eyed pretty little Towhees, a heavy heart has been a regular Winter visitor of mine.  Spring will bring different birds and hopefully, my heart will be a little lighter.

Life is challenging.  I need ways to get away from sadness and grief.  I need to feel other emotions and think about things like what the Robin is doing or ‘who’ is nesting on the ground under a very neat and Hobbit-like house made from leaves, sticks and twigs.

Nature is amazing.  An early morning sunlight shines brightly on the bark of the bare trees.  I am aware that each one will soon grow green leaves again.  Morning songbirds eat Sunflower seeds and the Crows come calling like they own the place. 

There’s a rhythm to it all.  It makes sense.