blogger dogkissesHello.  I’m your blogger, Michelle, and dogkisses is my personal blog.

I named this blog “dogkisses,” after my sweet dog, Ruthie Mae.

Ruthie gives the slightest little kiss on my arm when I reach into a bag of dog food. 

The little kisses remind me of snowflakes landing and melting my heart.  

I’ve written about several subjects in this blog.  I’ve always enjoyed writing and have long hoped to write non-fiction stories about my life.

People have told me for about thirty years, “You should write about your life.”

I’ve always enjoyed talking with people, telling stories and listening to others tell theirs.  I’ve also lived through situations that upon reflection, seem far more than ordinary and much more like fate.

I’ve always loved dogs.  My dad raised Beagles.  I thought they were called, “Rabbit Beagles,” for most of my life.  Jack, who was very cute and a good hunter, was his last dog.  His tombstone has a carving of a man with his hunting dog and gun.


After living with chronic health conditions for many years, I have a deeper appreciation of a dog’s unconditional love and companionship. 

Dogs are good medicine. 

I understand better now why my dad loved his dogs.  He liked sitting in the woods, listening to them howl.  He liked the end, when Jack got a rabbit, but most of the time, he came home empty-handed.

“It ain’t as much about getting a rabbit, as it is about me having time to myself,” he told me.  “I like hearing ’em go after one.”  He smiled a lot when he talked about his dogs. 

I’m blessed with my mother, whose not far from eighty and as high-spirited as ever.  She a Taurus.  They’re Bulls 😉

I’m also blessed to be a Mother!  I have a grown son and am a proud Mom. 

My best friend is a dog.  She’s my friend, but also a medical support animal.  She might be the sweetest dog in the world!  She’s my tender-heart.  Her name is Ruthie.  Ruthie Mae to be exact.

Ruthie is a hunting dog too.  She hunts squirrels, although I don’t let her, but she would and she has.  She once killed a big rat and when we found a black snake in our house, she wanted to kill that too. 

Mostly, Ruthie Mae hunts insects.

No spider or bug gets by Ruthie Mae!  Ever!  She must hear them, because I’ve seen her jump up in the dark of the night, and go find whatever insect had decided to crawl on our floor.  I find her right in front of them, with her eyes glaring at them, so I know exactly where they are.

We recently moved, so thank goodness, Ruthie no longer spends her nights hunting insects indoors!

Sweet Ruthie Here!

Sweet Ruthie Here!

Ruthie, like all dogs, is a teacher. 

Mostly, Ruthie teaches me about being gentle.  Ruthie is a true tender-heart. 

Dogs have a lot to offer and when I listen, I can hear their wisdom.  They know how to live.

Oh He's A Cutie!

Tiny likes Yogurt!

In January, 2013, we parted with our dear friend, Tiny, the very handsome fellow in the image (left). 

Tiny was my son’s dog, so he was my grand-dog 🙂

He was the best friend in the world to my son.  He could communicate with me when my son needed me.  He was an amazing animal.

Tiny lived twelve years!  That’s a good long life for a big dog, and Tiny boy was a big dog, sort of.

We love you Tiny!

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You may also visit my photo-nature blog, Green Healing Notes ( where I share the beauty I see.

ladybug on morning dew

My Lucky Little Lady

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  1. Michelle, here’s another one to put a smile on your face. It is available at

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  2. Hi, just to let you know you’ve been nominated for several awards. Take a look here As always, there’s no obligation to follow through 🙂

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    • Hi Cathy! Wow! Thank you so much for awarding my blog 🙂

      I am quite late in accepting awards this year. I do love them, and will accept yours as soon as I can. I have been fatigued for a long time now, and simply haven’t been able to do much blogging. Still, my heart remains here at dogkisses and on WordPress! I love the time when I can write and read other blogs as well. What a terrific community the blogosphere is to me! Thank you, Cathy, for thinking of me and my blog. I truly appreciate that.

      With wishes of Peace and in Gratitude,

      Michelle (dogkisses).

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      • Hi Michelle, there’s no rush, or obligation, at all. Whenever you feel like is fine 🙂 Hope you feel better very soon. I enjoy reading your blog very much.
        Very best wishes

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  3. Hi Michelle: I love your “Dog Kisses” blog! I have just nominated it for the, “Sunshine Award” for “Positively and Creatively” inspiring me and others within the blogosphere. Please click on my link to view your award. Congratulations!

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  4. Petra (My 3-year old Black Russian) and I just got back from our extended walk into Frick Park (P’gh). I opened wingedbeauty and discovered your wonderful Comments.
    Thanks. Tiny must have been something! Petra meets lots of dogs in the Park, each responds to her differently. Soo many different dog personas. And now you have Ruthie. Good.

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    • Thanks Jeff, and yes, Tiny was something 🙂 He and my lab, Free, will forever shape a part of my heart. Ruthie girl is my best friend now, but I think she would like a mate to play with.

      Funny that I just got home excited after learning the new place I’m going to volunteer has a huge Pollinator Garden! I saw so many butterflies, and bees too of course. I can’t wait to go back tomorrow, with my camera.

      I love your blog because you take great photos and describe the butterflies so well. I also like to check you out when I can’t ID a butterfly, so thank you Jeff.

      Michelle (dogkisses)

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  5. The first post I saw when visiting your blog was “Thank You, Tiny,” and my heart broke in two. I wish you much comfort, both from the grief of your loss, as well as the medical conditions you must endure. You seem to have a pretty positive outlook considering these things, and I admire that. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and liking my posts, and visit any time!

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    • Hi Becky,

      Thanks so much for dropping by my blog and for your kind words. I think, this blog keeps me mostly positive. Sometimes, I don’t have a very good attitude and get pretty tired of living with pain and other problems that come as a result, but I sure enjoy having an outlet to share my hopes and the experiences that help me get by in life.

      I saw your blog listed in “Related Posts” while composing, and was delighted by my visit. Thanks again.


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