Mums Pumpkin

Mums Pumpkin by Rosa Blue
Mums Pumpkin, a photo by Rosa Blue on Flickr.

Orange lifts my spirit. Yellow soothes my soul. Little purple flowers remind me of my best friend, Free, who passed in 2006. She lives in my heart.

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  1. Orange is an energy colour Michelle, so no wonder you enjoy it.. How are things? and hope you feeling a little stronger … And thank you for dropping into Dreamwalker’s, your visit was much appreciated and loved…
    Hugs to you Sue xx



    • Hi Sue! So sorry I didn’t make it back to your blog yet. My desk is sort of like my brain. Lots of stuff to do (or think about) at one time.

      I’m tired and the energy of our Presidential Election is a bit overwhelming. So much negative stuff on both sides, so I think I’m going out for fried ice-cream 🙂 I think that should help.

      Orange is a good color for me, but I didn’t know it was an energy color. I’ve been most attracted to it for more than a year. My favorite and now one of my oldest dresses is orange. I have the color in my mind a lot lately too. Maybe instinctively I knew because I do need energy!

      Thank you again for ‘knocking on my door’ and I will visit your blog the next time I read. I’m afraid saving yours ’til I have the most time or attention isn’t working out well. My son is helping a man paint the outside of our building today. I wish they would paint indoors. Here he is, ready to eat!

      I hope you are doing well. I look forward to spending some time at Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary!

      Big hugs and Love, xoxo



      • Michelle, please do not worry, I know you are there and we are both not forgotten, hope the building is looking good and yes get out that orange and put it on… Read up on Colour Healing.. 😉 xxx



        • Sue, Thank you, again 🙂 I’ve read some about color healing, only recently. It’s very interesting. I guess I used to think this, and healing arts such as aromatherapy were more little luxuries of sorts than actual (and practical) tools to heal. Today I know these are very real ways to heal the mind, body and spirit. Thanks again for your kind note and support.

          Hugs and Love,
          Michelle xoxo



  2. BEAUTIFUL picture! Fall flowers and trees turning colors remind me of my best friend too. My Mother loved Autumn more than any other season. I can remember, even as a kid, going for drives, just to look at the changing colors. I don’t go to the cemetery often, but I do at this time of year, and I bring a large arrangement of flowers. (Dollar store flowers, of course, she would hate for me to spend money on real ones!)



    • Thank you Mo. I remember going for drives in the Fall too. We lived in the mountains of NC when I was a young child. My mom will still talk about how pretty it was.

      We can see many colors from my yard and live near a lake, so maybe my son and I will go see the colors today. I have the entire day to do whatever I want to do.

      I’m sorry your Mother isn’t here with you. (((Hugs))) I bet she will love the Dollar store flowers.

      Stay warm, and thank you for your comments on my photos. I appreciate that a lot.



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